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Below are the draft project and concept descriptions.

Through the PEL process the team has developed concepts to enhance Minnie Street Corridor and the adjacent roadway networks. These concepts look at the greater Fairbanks transportation network, both vehicular and non-motorized modes. 

The team has developed the concepts through:

  • Gaining an understanding of the existing conditions and key corridor issues
  • Receiving public comments
  • Seeking input from agencies and stakeholders
  • Analyzing traffic patterns and future trends
  • Considering both the local neighborhood and the broader roadway network

After working through this process, the team has identified one project and three concepts. Project 1 improves Minnie Street and Concepts A, B, and C compare different levels of connection to the broader Fairbanks transportation network. 

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Project 1 - Minnie Street Improvements

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Project 1: Minnie Street Improvements

This project will reconstruct Minnie Street and the Noyes Slough Bridge. 

This project incorporates Complete Street concepts and will include: 

  • repaving the roadway, 
  • constructing sidewalks along both sides of Minnie Street, 
  • adding defined shoulders for non-motorized movements, temporary snow storage and to mitigate driveway conflicts, 
  • drainage improvements, 
  • relocating fire hydrants,
  • potentially moving overhead utilities underground, 
  • replacing the structurally deficient Noyes Slough Bridge, and 
  • addressing social issues under the bridge.

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The following Concepts assume Project 1 is complete.


Concept A: No Road Network Changes


Concept A: No Road Network Changes

 This concept provides no road network improvements beyond Minnie Street. 

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Concept B: Phillips Field Road Connection


Concept B: Phillips Field Road Connection

This concept considers how Minnie Street fits within the broader local street network. It looks at how local traffic connects between Minnie Street, Illinois Street, Phillips Field Road, College Road, Old Steese Highway, and downtown Fairbanks. 

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Concept C: Johansen Expressway Connection


Concept C: Johansen Expressway Connection

 This concept seeks to improve the broader Fairbanks transportation network by providing a new connection between the Johansen Expressway and destinations east and south of Illinois Street. This concept considers both historical and new route options to identify potential improved connections between the Johansen Expressway and Illinois Street, Minnie Street, and downtown Fairbanks. Follow the above link to see the various Concept C options. 

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